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Market 4 Names connects domain buyers and sellers in the easiest, most effective and safest way using cryptocurrency payment methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Buy a Domain?

In the product page, fill the form with your offer. If it is above the reserve price, we will send you a wallet adress to deposit the amount. Once received, we will notify the seller and send both of you the instructions to proceed. Once the domain is transferred correctly, we will send the seller the amount you paid (we do not get any commissions). That's it. So easy and simple.

How do I Sell a Domain?

Click here and fill the form with the domain(s) you want to sell with the price and the reserve price. We'll post it as soon as possible. If you receive an offer above the reserve price, we will sell it and charge the buyer the price. Then, we will send you and the buyer the instructions to proceed. Once the domain is properly transferred, we will send to your wallet address the amount of money you sold the domain for. That's it. So easy and simple.

What happens if the Seller doesn´t Transfer me the Domain?

Don´t worry! In that case we will send you back the amount you paid. That's why we are the intermediary, we are here to make the transactions safe.

What happens if the Buyer doesn´t Pay Me?

Don´t worry! We will let you know when you have to transfer the domain once we receive the amount from the buyer. If we do not receive it, nothing happens, your domain will still be in your hands.

Which Cryptocurrencies are Available?

Most of them. You can pay or receive in the cryptocurrency you want.

Why is Market 4 Names very Safe?

We are the intermediary. We are here to protect buyers and sellers. If the seller doesn`t transfer you the domain, you get your money back. If the buyer doesn´t pay, you still have your domain. We regulate transactions and make them the easiest and fastest possible.

How do I get my domain featured?

The featured section is a perfect place to give your domain more visibility and increase the chances of selling it. 

Posting a domain on the All Section is free, but getting featured costs: 

1st line (1st place): $60 a month / $500 a year.

1st line (rest 3 spots): $50 a month / $400 a year

2nd line: $40 a month / $300 a year

All prices are paid in crypto. To get featured, let us know in the SELL A DOMAIN form and we will contact you to make it happen.